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27 September 2016

“Mezhdunarodnye Protsessy” journal published on its website an Almanac (Digest) of best articles placed in English-language editions throughout 2016 (http://intertrends.ru/en/archive/russia%E2%80%99s-global-environment). The aim of publishing the full-text English-language articles was in stimulating debate on the fundamental issues of the transformation of the international order between the Russian and international expert communities. In this regard, the annual Almanac is intended to attract greater attention across foreign audiences to the platform, provided by the journal.

The publication includes articles of such leading scholars as Bertrand Badie, Alexey Bogaturov, Boris Martynov, Tatyana Shakleina. Given the diagnostic value of the current tensions between Russia and the West, the issue became central to a large number of articles. In particular, it was studied by Natalia Bubnov, Viktor Mizin, Evgeny Okhotsky, Vasily Shaklein. The Russian view of the contradictory processes in the Middle East is presented in the paper of Leonid Korol'kov. In addition, the Almanac included discussion on the prospects of integration of Russian researchers in the international academic community, with contributions from Igor Istomin and Andrey Baykov, as well as Alexey Fenenko.

Within the framework of the state support of non-governmental non-profit organizations Scientific and Educational Forum on International Relations implements a socially significant project " Promotion of Expert Discussions of Domestic and Foreign Scholarly, Analytical and Public Communities on the Parameters of Contemporary International Environment of Russia".

The project uses state support funds allocated as a grant in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 01/04/2015 no. 79-rp, on the basis of an open call organized by the Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies (ISEPI) Fund.