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29 June 2016

Special Features - Competition and Innovations in IR. The English-language version of the magazine includes materials related not to explaining the policy of Russia, and with the presentation of national approaches to the evolution of the international environment and the definition of world development patterns. Given the growing interest in international publications to the problems of regionalization and an increase in the heterogeneity of the global system, the main focus was on publishing materials that characterize different aspects of the state of relations in the major regions of the world.

Within the framework of the state support of non-governmental non-profit organizations Scientific and Educational Forum on International Relations implements a socially significant project " Promotion of Expert Discussions of Domestic and Foreign Scholarly, Analytical and Public Communities on the Parameters of Contemporary International Environment of Russia".

The project uses state support funds allocated as a grant in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 01/04/2015 no. 79-rp, on the basis of an open call organized by the Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies (ISEPI) Fund.