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30 September 2016

In September 2016 Scientific and Educational Forum on International Relations finalizes the project "Promotion of Expert Discussions of Domestic and Foreign Scholarly, Analytical and Public Communities on the Parameters of Contemporary International Environment of Russia." It is implemented with generous support of the Russian Federation allocated as a grant in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 04/01/2015 No. 79-rp, on the basis of an open call organized by the Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies (ISEPI) Fund.

The project the included editing and publication of a large number of academic findings, dealing with the current global and regional transformations. As part of it three special issue of the journal "International Trends" in Russian and English were published. They include articles submitted by Russian and foreign authors, including both leading experts in their respective disciplines, and young, promising researchers. The best English-language articles published throughout the year were also reflected in the yearly Almanac.

In addition, the project also was aimed to significantly improve the functionality of the website of the journal. In particular, the project team created a special category for the full-text English-version, compiled version of the website in the Chinese language, integrated full-text search system, as well as introduced an electronic editorial system.

New technical capacities and accumulated competence will be used in future to promote the dialogue between Russian and international experts on fundamental issues of the transformation of the global system and the major global development megatrends.